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About LCC

Success of LCC does not come easy. It is not pure luck but combined hardwork, perseverance, teamwork, abilities, strength and energy of employees and owners alike.

Through the years LCC, has been serving its clients: by putting them first and providing them covers receptive to their needs especially at this constantly shifting risks while applying our usual standard level of service and allegiance which is definitely never swerving. LCC first derived its strength and expertise from two very simple and accommodating persons who founded and incorporated LSC (then former name of LCC) with an initial capitalization of one million on December 1998. Regarded by the company as predecessors are Maria Lucia Chupungco Camacho and Maria Salome Chupungco Almeyda.

The company’s story is basically a product of the 2 founders’ dream to pursue a career that would enable them to earn extra income for the family without sacrificing their time for their children and husband. The name LSC was adopted from the initials of the founding directors “L” for Lu and “S” for Sally and “C” for Chupungco. In 2004, the company name was later changed to LCC which was the initials of Lu Chupungco Camacho.



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Telephone Nos.: (02) 514-0854; (02) 998-4664; TelFax: (02) 631-0142
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